7.33Ron and Valerie Taylor (both AM - recipients of the Order of Australia) worked on the motion picture “Blue Water White Death” off South Africa and, when the project failed to find the additional action it sought, continued at Dangerous Reef – Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Valerie has kept a diary of her adventures for more than 40 years. Here is an extract of the 1970 entries related to the film project.  Sections of the original manuscript have been edited.

The Valerie Taylor diaries covering 50 years will make amazing reading when eventually published, sometime well into the future. The hand written notes are certain to become a recognized national treasure.

Fathom was first in Australia to read and publish extracts and in the process had the opportunity to view material that cannot be published.

Blue Water White Death - the movie was re-released on DVD during 2009.  View movie (for limited time at) http://seauw.blogspot.com.au